Sunday, November 12, 2006

We Were Raised

We were raised to desire a higher level of life. It usually wasn't a question...we went to college, we traveled abroad more, we grew up with gadgets and gizmos that made life and communication almost effortless; we began to feel that most things just came to our fingers. We were taught to feel entitled.

So, we developed a sentiment of deserving what we desired. On the same breath we are a generation of perfectionists. There were more Merritt scholars in my graduating class than ever before in time. We are home to some of the most innovative entrepreneurs--MySpace and Facebook. We are a group that is always looking to push the limits. We rest comfortably between the Gen X sentiments of rebellion and individualist--and the generation of techno babies.

We were present for the birth of the home PC, Nintendo, cell phones, the Internet, two Iraq wars, 911, the junk bond mania of the 80s and the bubble bust of the late 90s. We are en roped in a generation of globalization. Globalization in terms of communication, travel, knowledge, and culture.

We find ourselves at our second or third real, full time job. We look ahead and hope our lives do not turn into those of our parents...we hope for something more thrilling and exciting, yet meaningful. Perhaps it is just the morality of the younger generation, or perhaps it is signal to what is in store for us.

So, what do you think?

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